Who do you call when you want some Pepperoni?

Pizza shops in regional Australia are as common as tennis courts and pubs. And just like tennis courts and pubs, they vary in quality, cost and opening hours. Two recent late-night foraging quests saw two very different outcomes; the first being a classic Australian greasy, thick crust, limited topping options but still immensely satisfying example (pictured left) from Raamon Pizza in River St, Ballina.
The second offering was eagerly devoured at Quattro on the main street of Lennox Head. Efficient and friendly service (despite our presumptuous request to dine at 9.30pm on a public holiday) was overshadowed by six delicious varieties; the standouts being a spicy Gambari (prawn) concoction, a Gorgonzola number and a perfectly balanced Funghi (mushroom). The food was ably complemented by a stellar wine list and the restaurant's sleek interior.