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So... this blog never really got under way while I was gallivanting around Australia with Circus Oz, but recently my current housemate reminded me of the value of creating a guide for travelling artists that features the best food, wine, beer and coffee on regional (and not so regional) touring routes in Australia.

My very own band will be touring in a week and I look forward to bringing you frequent culinary updates from the road, but until are some highlights from the past year for your enjoyment.


image (c) Lisa Dempster from this excellent blog

As a self-proclaimed vegeaquarian who is allergic to eggs (judge me...NOW), I can't ignore 'Vego n Love'n It, at 240 Rundle St. You can earn your delicious, inexpensive vegan burger by walking up a short flight of stairs and entering a quirky small room with friendly staff and a wholly vegetarian menu. Be warned, the portions are huge and it's best to order a half-serve unless you are a particularly famished vegetarian footballer.

Port Macquarie:

The mid-North Coast of New South Wales is not somewhere one would expect to find excellent South Indian food, but Sara's Kitchen bucks the trend toward modern European dining and the more traditional beachside fish and chips found along Clarence St. As well as some delicious North Indian curry staples, various dosas and pooris are available as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali sets and all for very reasonable prices.


Whatever your reason for visiting the shire of South Gippsland (heads up, there are about five op shops), you will need sustenance. From memory, Mango Tree Thai is part of the Korumburra Hotel in the main street of town. No rural approximations of Asian staples here, authentic ingredients make for a positively scrumptious Pad Thai and a zesty Tom Yum.
Interesting fact: 'Korumburra' is apparently from an aboriginal dialect and translates as 'blow-fly'.


It's a long and lonely (but stunning) drive if you take the scenic route from Adelaide to Melbourne, but thankfully there a few refreshing pitstops dotted along the (mainly) coastal road.
The Robe Providore at 4 Victoria St, Robe, is one of those, offering good coffee and food reminiscent of a weekend brunch in a hip Inner Melbourne suburb, as well as a broad selection of cheeses and other deli goodies to take home, or with you on your travels East.

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